Miss Medicine’s miss-medicine

Miss Medicine is the medicine maker for our town

I’m not sure how she does it, but her office had vials all around.

I’d say “hi there Miss Medicine, how do you do?”

She’d reply “fine good boy, now give me your palm and I’ll tell you how are you

She read over my palm to see what was new

She said “you’re healthy young man but I can see that you’re blue

I couldn’t believe it, “How did you know just from looking at my hand?”

Boy, I looked at your face, it made me understand

So Miss Medicine wheeled around and grabbed a pen and paper from an overstuffed drawer

She said “Take these son, write to whom you love, that’s what this pen and parchments’ for”

“I may be Miss Medicine and medicines I make, but miss-medicine is slightly more…

Than pills or syrup or spicy hot tea, its reaching the people that you’re thankful for”


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