Making Luck

Everyone was jealous of Harry Ding.

It seemed like he had everything.

In his town he was mayor, at his prom he was king.

Last year he was the winner of the race in the spring.

His best friend through life was Henry Hope,

And all this time, Henry had thought and Henry had sworn,

That Harry’d been luck since the day he was born,

But when the question came up, Harry said, “Nope.”

“I make my own luck, I’ve worked really hard”

“It’s a mix of focus and knowledge and some stuff from the yard.”

“Then I add politeness and action as well,

I boil out lazy, until it feels like gel.”

“It’s to be taken with citrus when needed the most,

‘Tastes like jelly with cinnamon toast”

“It helps with the back bone, makes a person strong.”

“It helps with the wish bone, uplifts the inner-song.”

“But I find, after all these steps and all this work,

I’m usually prepared and lucks’ just a perk.”2012-08-27 20.31.37 (2)


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