Growing Home

cold handsGeorgia was loving since the day she was born,

She turned batter to cakes, her heart was so warm.

It was a hard day  when her best friend had to move somewhere new.

But if you asked Georgia, she’d say her house only grew.

Her brother turned old and had to move away for school,

And her grandparents moved to a house with a pool.

Her house kept on growing with rooms in five states,

But dinner kept shrinking, now only three plates.

She gathered all these addresses and put them in a list,

Then sent a dinner invitation to all the people she missed.

Sure enough they all came when it was all said and done,

The reunion was happy and everyone had fun!

Then Grandma stood up in her special dinner blouse,

“Georgia” she said…

It takes a really warm heart to warm a really big house.


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