Poo Mountain (A reaction to a guy at Greenlake Park and the Trajedy of the Commons)

In the middle of town, there was a blank patch of park and that spot is now called Poo Mountain.

It was put in place by ten million squatting dogs, probably more but people quit countin’.

It started one day when selfish Arthur Grand

Didn’t pick-up because it wasn’t his land.

That same spot… he came back to… everyday.

Soon others did the same,

and the poo spot it became

because to them… it would stink… anyway.

Years had gone by and nobody tried

to pick up, because no one else would.

Then it grew to great size, “It’s too big!” people cried!

It would take years to clean up if they could.

Nobody did, the town… is now shadowed… in dark.

If people had done their everyday job,

The town wouldn’t have a giant poo-blob,

And the people could still enjoy the park.

poo mountain


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